Recycling program

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Recycling program to bring 3d printing to schools


This initiative will collect and auction donated surplus smart-phones, laptops, tablets and other equipment and they will be auctioned online.  The profit from this will be utilised to purchase and provide 3d printers, training and consumables to schools.

A3DMA encourages Australians to embrace the future of additive/advanced manufacturing and the benefits it provides.

Another industrial revolution has begun and by equipping our school students we can prepare them to make the most from the opportunities it will offer.

How the recycling scheme works.

  • Parents, teachers and the school itself, community groups, government agencies and businesses donate their surplus mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) to the A3DMA.
  • Parents and other contributors can ‘log on’ to the A3DMA portal to register their donation.
  • Participants deliver their electronic devices to the school.
  • Collection is organised, from the school, by courier on a regular basis.
  • In the case of bulk collections, such as those made by the larger corporates and government agencies, individual arrangements are made for the carriage of goods and registration of the appropriate paperwork.
  • The goods are taken to a depot where they are sanitised of their information, cleaned and tested.
  • The goods are then sold into various markets, both domestic and overseas depending on their marketability.
  • Once the goods are sold the revenue is distributed to the various stakeholders, being the project participants, predominantly the school. 10% of the sale price retained for future distribution to disadvantaged and underprivileged schools, predominantly in regional and rural areas.
  • A receipt is then issued to the initial donor (parent, teacher or business) for the value of the donation.
  • The funds are held in trust by the A3DMA in the name of each school.
  • Each school has access to view and expend its funds at any time to order equipment through the A3DMA online portal which will provide certified, tested and suitable devices, software and consumables.
  • Teachers, principals and school boards are able to individually tailor their purchasing program to match the uptake and delivery of the educational program in their school.
  • The recycling program goes full circle at the end of equipment life as the A3DMA then collects, resells and re-funds the schools program.
  • Under the program, schools will receive funding for.
  1. 3D Printers
  2. 3D Scanners
  3. Design software packages
  4. Teacher training courses
  5. Consumables and other relevant materials.