3D4Ed – helping schools

3D4Ed – the first successful introduction of 3d printing into the classroom in the World

We are living through another industrial revolution!  Australia (and the World) is facing a looming skills shortfall if we do not commence teaching our students now.


When we looked at schools we found one of three states:

  1. Schools that aren’t yet teaching 3d design and printing
  2. Schools that commenced and stopped, and
  3. Those that are teaching the subjects. Which means that one or more teacher(s) spending many hours per week tinkering with a printer.

Almost all efforts to introduce 3d printing into the classroom have faltered, globally.  These efforts are usually just exercises in selling equipment and not focussed on successful teaching.


To address this we commenced assessment and endorsement of hardware for suitability.  We worked with suppliers to develop and offer suitable support arrangements that we endorse.


We developed and deliver training to teachers.


Finally we connect the teachers to each other and industry experts to share lesson plans etc


We piloted and tested this and are now extending the roll-out to schools across Australia.


We have recommended packages that have been proven.  These start at approximately $30,000.  Schools can start with considerably less expenditure but we have found that it really won’t provide the assurance that you can compete the lessons.  More options are becoming available as we find and test other suitable equipment.

The A3DMA collects funds through our Surplus Assets to Social Benefit (SA2SB) program.  We apply these to remote, regional, disadvantaged schools.

Even if you are unable to direct funding towards this right now we can help.  We are compiling a list of schools that want to commence teaching 3d design and printing.  We will then approach the various State Governments and request funding to equip these schools.  Contact us at admin@a3dma.org.au if you would like your school to be included?

Lastly, we can schedule presentations and involve your community.  This gets people excited and started on fundraising.