The next stage of 3d printing

29th, June 2017 no comments

3D Manufacturing promised to provide people the ability to produce products without need for or access to factories or expensive facilities.  For us at the A3DMA the goal was affordable manufacturing capability to Australia’s SMEs delivering a level playing field for smaller enterprises. Until recently 3d printers were spilt into two categories, desktop/hobbyist type machines […]

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3d printing 2.0 – the next stage of 3D Manufacturing

2nd, June 2017 no comments

As the next phase of 3d printing rolls out we will soon witness even greater disruption due to the impact of more affordable commercial fabricators. This will enable greater application of 3D Manufacturing including the fabrication of production parts. Currently 3d printers are either home/hobby type machines or commercial machines. The hobby printers are inexpensive […]

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The 4th Australia – India Skills Conference. New Delhi 2017

19th, May 2017 no comments

The 4th Australia – India Skills Conference was held in New Delhi, India mid April 2017.

  The objective of this collaboration was to use Australian experience to • Expand awareness of the skills sector and labour market environments in both India and Australia as well as create policy drivers. • Understand the mutual benefits of […]

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Want to save money on household items? 3D print them yourself!

22nd, February 2017 no comments

“Interested in making an investment that promises a 100 percent return on your money, and then some? Buy a low-cost, open-source 3-D printer, plug it in and print household items. In a recent study published in Technologies, Michigan Technological University Associate Professor Joshua Pearce set out to determine how practical and cost effective at-home 3-D […]

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