Our Role

Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA) is the not-for-profit body that develops, promotes, builds, networks and informs Australians about 3D manufacturing, 3D printing, additive and advanced manufacturing techniques.

We achieve these goals by:

  • Developing programs that bring together various stakeholders to work on projects that will demonstrate the possibilities provided by 3D manufacturing.  We are currently working on a food project, fashion project, the schools educational program (3D4Ed) and our construction project.
  • Organising, presenting and demonstrating 3D printing at various events.
  • Developing the association and providing forums for members to engage with each other.
  • Consulting with members to develop policies and recommendations to put forward to the Government.
  • Liaising with members and stakeholders to determine requirements used to develop and deliver training.
  • Collaborating with our partners to commission and disseminate analysis and information.
  • Developing a directory of capability.

The manufacture of digital designs offers benefits us all. Particularly in Australia, it provides the potential for easy and affordable access to manufactured items as well as the minimisation of storage and shipping costs. This is great news for regional and rural communities. Furthermore, 3D manufacturing technology reduces the cost for inventors and innovators whilst also providing multiple opportunities for employment.


We will provide opportunities for employment, education and training including regional, rural, indigenous and disadvantaged communities.

We will nurture and guide this emerging industry.

We will work with and consult Government at all levels to ensure positive outcomes for Australia.


Listed below are the various ways in which the A3DMA can assist community groups to receive the maximum benefit from this new and rapidly developing technology:


We will make this technology accessible and provide you with the information required to begin designing and/or manufacturing.


We will provide you with informed analysis and information as the industry develops, as well as offer you access to a wide range of contacts in the field of physibles/3D manufacturing.


The A3DMA will provide access to a range of our partners and members for advice on business, funding options, design and/or manufacturing.


The A3DMA will ensure the availability of a networked pool of individuals, with the relevant skill base and experience in next generation manufacturing. The Association will provide you with analysis and advice regarding developments and opportunities. We will seek to create and present initiatives between businesses.

Schools/Community Groups

The Association commits to speeding the adoption of this technology and will help your group realise the maximum benefit in real time. We will provide initial training and deliver information regarding further education in this area.


The A3DMA will seek to inform and provide forums for discussion around emerging topics.


Integral to our vision, the A3DMA believes that our nation should become a world leader in the field of 3D printing and manufacturing.