About Us/Our Team

The Association has a mandate to propagate and foster strong inter industry relationships with the intention of building solid links between the general public, industry, educators and government.

We believe that the program of projects will engender long term partnerships built between relevant stakeholders and realise the opportunity for industry and government to create long term value through the judicious placement of both educational and practical sponsorships. The end result of the program is designed to build both the physical and intellectual infrastructure to support future innovation within the field of 3D manufacturing.

We perform a range of activities that provide you opportunities to partner with us:

  • Standards development
  • Submission of and development of standards for household printers
  • Policy development
  • Research and development of policies.
  • Introduction and equipment provision sessions
  • Prizes and Awards
  • Scholarships
  • Seminars and Conventions
  • Briefing sessions
  • Research
  • Start-up assistance packages

Meet Our Team

Mike de Souza

Chief Executive Officer

Mike grew up in Canberra and attended Canberra Boys Grammar and Canberra University. Mike owned several successful businesses in Canberra before moving to Sydney to accept senior management roles with Virgin and United Customer Management Solutions. This led to a position, as CEO of a private French equity group dealing in the hospitality, tourism, retail and logistics sectors. After 7 years in Europe the family moved back to Canberra where until he joined A3DMA he was the COO of a software developer in the tourism sector.

Neil Sharwood


Neil brings a wide range of experience to the Association including; strategic communications, business development, account management, facilities management, information technology and security. Neil has worked in both the public and private sectors with roles in Department of Finance, iSentia (formerly Media Monitors) and Australian Associated Press.

Charne Esterhuizen

Fashion Projects

Originally from South Africa; Charne came to Australia five years ago. She is about to complete her Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design). She has experience in sales and customer service delivery. Charne is excited by bright future promised 3D printing technology. She has been researching and experimenting with 3d printing applications to fashion. Ms Esterhuizen believes that through the use of the advanced technology of 3D printing we can reduce waste, use minimal resources, and provide 3D printed clothes that fit perfectly and even reduce pollution.

Dale Senti

Sales and Sponsorships

Dale brings 18 years of experience in Information Technology and Electronics. He specialises in increasing performance through dynamic leadership, strategic planning, technology innovation and change management. He is very enthusuastic about the future of 3D manufacturing

Edwin Auzins

Education and Training

Edwin Auzins (BSc) attended Sydney Grammar School, then Sydney University. He studied Biomedical Mechanical Engineering and completed a postgraduate degree in Dentisty. He has worked in Sydney and Canberra in private practice. He has been the emergency on call dentist at Canberra Hospital for the past 6 years. His passions past and present include competitive swimming, rowing, mountain biking and cars. Ed coordinates the development and delivery of training in the use of 3D Manufacturing Technology.

Andrew Jarman

Automotive Projects

Andrew has expertise in strategic procurement and logistics. He attended school in Canberra and has worked in the food and transport industries for over thirty years.

Mark O'Flaherty

Director Supply Chain Innovation

Mark has over 25 years’ experience in the public and private sectors in project management, business development, consulting, inventory analysis and management, and in personal effectiveness coaching. Mark started his career at the Department of Defence, before launching the success of Objective Corporation in Canberra. He was a National Manager in IBM and was most recently employed as a Regional Director for Symantec Corporation. Mark’s focus on continual overachievement for company and customer, has enabled an early retirement to spend more time with his wife and two teenage children, plus enjoy his passion for 3D printing.

Lea Edwards

News Digest Editor

Lea sends the weekly news digest to members. She lives in Canberra and is a 3d printing enthusiast. She is also a chocolate enthusiast.

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