The 4th Australia – India Skills Conference. New Delhi 2017

The 4th Australia – India Skills Conference was held in New Delhi, India mid April 2017.

  The objective of this collaboration was to use Australian experience to

• Expand awareness of the skills sector and labour market environments in both India and Australia as well as create policy drivers.
• Understand the mutual benefits of Australia – India skills collaboration and partnership.
• Hearing of current collaborative VET training activities and partnerships.
• Exploring innovative skills development and expand commercial relationships.

At the request of the Minister for Education, the Hon. Simon Birmingham and as part of the Prime Minister’s delegation to India, the A3DMA’s CEO Mike de Souza was invited to address the conference on the subject of  “the changing nature of technology and the impact on future employment”.

Mike spoke about 3D and advanced manufacturing and design and how the ever changing face of technology will affect all facets of life and business and how education, training and re-skilling, are the keys to successfully navigating future careers and subsequent prosperity.

  As a member of the Australian delegation, Mike also sat on the expert panel as an integral part of the Australia – India Smart Cities Roundtable. Convened by the CEO of the Delhi municipal council and as a part of Prime Minister Modi’s agenda, supported by both the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) and Indian industry leaders, the aim of this discussion was to learn from each other how we can best collaborate to provide the required skills in the development of smart cities.

  Whilst in Delhi, Mike also attended sessions held by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Australia – India Institute.