3d printing 2.0 – the next stage of 3D Manufacturing

As the next phase of 3d printing rolls out we will soon witness even greater disruption due to the impact of more affordable commercial fabricators. This will enable greater application of 3D Manufacturing including the fabrication of production parts.

Currently 3d printers are either home/hobby type machines or commercial machines. The hobby printers are inexpensive but ill-suited to commercial use. Commercial machines are expensive and this cost limits their application. The next stage machines are already emerging, including some Australian innovations in the field.  These less expensive commercial printers will provide for even greater disruption and opportunities.

This devlopment will enable almost every business to improve their operations. This could be by offering greater customisation or by reducing storage and transport requirements. It will enable new businesses to emerge. Greater availability of components will result in much more repair of items. “Better products more often” is a theme that arises from providing people easier access to manufacturing. Whenever a part breaks it will provide the opportunity to review and improve that item.

Below is a video on the subject.