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The Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA) is the not-for-profit body that develops, promotes, builds networks and informs Australians about 3D Manufacturing. Another industrial revolution has begun. Every business will be affected by this technology from fashion to cars. Please join us and become a leader in 3D Manufacturing.

If you are interested in staying informed and networking with others in this exciting field, become a member and be part of building this sector.

We inform and connect Australians about 3D Manufacturing and how to benefit from the opportunities presented.

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17th, January 2017
The Australian manufacturing industry is not dying, it’s evolving: CSIRO study

The Australian manufacturing industry is not dying, it’s evolving: CSIRO study Cathy Foley, CSIRO and Keith McLean, CSIRO Despite the well publicised closure of some manufacturing sectors in Australia, manufacturing isn’t dying. Instead, like industry around the world, it’s undergoing a period of significant change as new, disruptive technologies and economic realities take hold and […]

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15th, November 2016
3D printing a skateboard?

“Skateboarders and the Smithsonian? In 2013, that unlikely pairing launched a unique collaboration between the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation and leaders of the international skate community.” Innoskate is an annual event that celebrates innovation in skate culture. It provides a platform for skate enthusiasts and researchers to “explore the intersections […]

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